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    Hidden Data Reappears with Parameter Filter

    Mark Vee



      I am creating report that displays a MOM crosstab style. I'm relatively new to Tableau so there may be several better ways of attacking the report. At any rate, I created calculated field that compares the parameterized record date with the actual date on each record and only keeps the date value in the parameter value and one month prior. I excluded the nulls in the filter. For the date 7/31/14, I hid the desired data:

      It is comparison data so I did table calculation for the variance sheet. I hid the previous month and ideally I don't want to reappear regardless of the parameter filter. As you see with the next example 10/31/14, it reappears. I know the logically it makes sense but I was hoping there is a known workaround to basically filter the prior month's date visually with affecting the table calculation. I attached the workbook also.