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    Shanaka Gunaratna

      This is not a question, but I thought its good to share this with people who are new to tableau universe.

      I have seen many newcomers in the forum and posting slimier questions over and over again for seeking help. I came across nice database of old articles created by Ken Black and hope it might be useful for many of them

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      Original article

      Tableaupedia, Part 1 | 3danim8's Blog

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          Bill Lyons

          Always great to have another resource available, so thank you for sharing it.


          Of course, users can and should always search the entire Tableau site (including Knowledge Base, Tutorials, Reference, Community Forums, Ideas, Wiki, etc.), and make a sincere attempt to solve the problem, before posting a question, with a sample packaged workbook. Unfortunately, as you have noted, many do not.


          I do have one question about your post. You say

          I have seen many newcomers in the forum and posting slimier questions...

          What do you mean by "slimier?" I have not seen any posts that I would call "slimy" - a term that, in America at least, means "disgustingly immoral, dishonest, or obsequious." If you see anything like that, I highly recommend reporting it as abuse. Perhaps this is a language difference?

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            Shanaka Gunaratna

            Hi Bill

            Sorry,  it was a typo. I actually meant similer ( same )

            Sorry again for the confusion



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