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    How to I put an order on filters?

    Nasir Khan

      I am not sure if I am asking this question correctly; I apologize in advance for any confusion. For this thread I have simplified my data/question:


      I have a dashboard for a biggest loser competition. A total of 15 teams and the challenge running for 2 weeks. The data source has the percentage lost from the baseline; if there is a loss it is displayed as a negative percentage.
      I am trying to display the top 3 winners for the competition. I put a filter on the date to show the max value to get the latest data, I also placed a filter on Team to show the top 3 based on the % loss. When I apply both filters I am not sure why but it does not display the top 3 teams for that week. If I remove the Team filter, the results are as they should be.


      Any direction here would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.