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    Percentage of:  1 measure, 2 lines

    David Trueblood

      I have a dual line chart which shows applications submitted each week.  The two lines represent two different application types.  So for Week 1 it shows 50 apps submitted for one type and 911 for the other type.  This seems to work perfectly fine.  However, I also want to see what % of each application type there is per week.  So basically I want the graph to show two percentages per week:  Example:  50 / 961 and 911 / 961.  When I go to add the Percentage Of calculations, Tableau keeps summing my data.  So, for instance, in week 1 it will show 5.2% for the first type and 94.8% for the second type.  However the data point will be at 100%.  And it will do that across all weeks, so that the there is a straight line across all my weeks that each say 100%. See Image.  What I want is for the top line of the graph to to display correctly to what the data labels point to.  Similar to the bottom line.