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    Internal Server Error when saving (Tableau Public)

    Lucas Batt



      I have a workbook published on Tableau public. However, trying to save a new version is suddenly no longer working. I have tried saving with the old name and with a new name, however after it goes through all the motions of uploading, Tableau finally returns this following error:



      Tableau Server

      Internal Server Error




      This is rather frustrating, as I have no other way to save this workbook. I would try restarting my computer, but that would mean losing my work on the workbook.


      I have checked other responses to my problem. One suggested proxy issues. I am not currently using a proxy, so that shouldn't be an issue.


      Does anyone have any advice?


      The workbook is here: https://public.tableau.com/profile/lucas.batt#!/vizhome/BCCfinal/Story1

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          Lucas Batt

          I've found the problem.


          Tableau updated while my workbook has been open, meaning that the version I'm using is out of date. The inconsistency between my version and the update appears to result in a server error when I attempt to publish my workbook online.


          I have updated Tableau Public (effectively downloading it again), and now have two versions of Tableau Public open. I will simply open my most recent save and replicate there what I have in the workbook I'm unable to publish. I will then publish it.


          For Tableau: the error I've encountered is quite debilitating, because it seems to make defunct an open workbook if Tableau updates. A fix for this would save unpublished work from being wasted.

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            Joost Broersen

            Hi Lucas,


            What exactly did you do to solve this? I seem to have the same problem. When publishing my workbook from Desktop v10.2 to Tableau Public I get an "Internal Server Error: TableauException" message. After reading your post I reinstalled v10.1 but the workbook won't even open there.


            The log tells me this:

            {"ts":"2017-04-11T07:54:21.181","pid":10308,"tid":"13e0","sev":"warn","req":"-","sess":"-","site":"{DF497137-364B-4084-8FE4-879AE12151A6}","user":"-","k":"msg","v":"HTTPRequestor::DoWork::HTTPException 500 https://public.tableau.com:443/vizportal/api/clientxml/create/workbooks.xml?twb_upload_id=17105:7EBB0246C1364CB589EEC43D730D2FA5-0:0 <?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\" standalone=\"yes\"?>\n<error xmlns:xsi=\"http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance\">\n    <code>100</code>\n    <message>Internal server error</message>\n    <details>TableauException</details>\n</error>\n"}

            {"ts":"2017-04-11T07:54:21.182","pid":10308,"tid":"dac","sev":"warn","req":"-","sess":"-","site":"{DF497137-364B-4084-8FE4-879AE12151A6}","user":"-","k":"msg","v":"An unknown error related to remote content was detected (500)\n"}


            Hope you can help out!