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    Add Action to Each Value in Table

    Sajid R

      I have a dashboard with data that looks something like the one below:


      Header 1Header 2Header 3Header 4


      I want to add action such that when I click any cell in Columns - Header 2 to Header 4

      It should go to a different worksheet.

      For eg, If i click 121 it should go to diff worksheet and when I click 131 it should go to different worksheet.


      Also, Each column has varying levels of set threshold values and I want to color code them , is that possible ? - Header 2 should have diff color coding, Header 3 different, Header 4 different...


      Help appreciated !




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          Esther Aller

          Hi Sajid,


          Creating separate action filters for individual columns in a crosstab isn't currently built into the product, however there are a couple of possible workarounds. Check out the Knowledge Base article Limiting Action Filter to Specified Marks in a View for directions on a couple of different possible solutions. A third possible solution would be to create a separate worksheet for each column and combine them on the dashboard. Because actions apply to the whole worksheet, creating separate worksheets will all you to create separate actions.


          I also recommend showing your support for including this functionality in a future release by voting on the idea Add Conditions for Actions. The Tableau development team uses the popularity of ideas to gauge community interest and prioritize new enhancements.


          Depending on exactly how the crosstab should be colored, there are several possible options. It sounds like you want to use a different field or calculation to determine the coloring for each column. In this case I think the best solution would be to create dummy fields in order to create a separate marks card for each column in the view. Check out the Knowledge Base article Conditionally Formatting Cells for detailed directions for this method.


          You might also want to look at Applying Color to a Single Column in a Crosstab View.


          I hope this answers your question!

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            Sajid R

            Thanks for the help Esther !