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    Path Creation From Single Point To Many Points

    Greg Reinecke

      Hello All,

      I am new to Tableau and have a question. On a map I would like to be able to select a single dot feature from a group of several dot features in data source (A) and have a path drawn from that single dot to every dot in data source (B). I would likely use a text (.CSV) file(s) for the data source(s) and am knowledgeable in joins, filters, creating the data sources, etc. Below is a pic of what it would look like. I have seen some examples online but they seem to be very specific and ordered between source and destination. Airport A to airports B, C, and D for instance. Thank you in advance.


      Map Image.png

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          Joshua Cloud

          Hi Greg,


          Path mapping can be very complicated, especially when using various levels of detail across multiple data sets. The closest that I could get my map to was using an origin filter, where I was able to select the various origin points (or source points) and the map provides the destinations associated with that point.


          My process included using two data files, 1 path data drop, 1 origin data drop.

          Where the Path file looks like:

          And the Origin file is just a list of the unique lane ID's and the origin point (I used Zip, because it was easy).


          I then created my Path Map, (the below link is a tutorial in case you are unfamiliar):


          Next, I inserted the origin file as my secondary data source, blending across lane ID and using the Origin point as my filter.

          From here I can filter by an origin point, and below is the result.

          I played around with just selecting origin points and the level of detail would not allow me to highlight all of the associated lanes.

          I also tried to use a dashboard and filter actions, but I was not able to get the filters to work correctly when I selected an origin where I wanted the path lines with path order 1 to be the only ones to show up.


          I believe this should get you more or less close to your desired result. Let me know if you need me to explain any of my steps in further detail.



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            Greg Reinecke

            Thank you Joshua.  I will be giving all this a go and will post my results. Thank you in advance.


            Greg Reinecke

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              Greg Reinecke

              I had some time to work through your examples and I now totally get it. Thank you and everyone who put out some great tutorials on the process. Origins and destinations need to be considered and In my case there are more pairs then I would like to deal with. In the case of airports and destinations for example it's manageable but in my case the origin/destinations pairs could be infinte (not quite but many ).


              I should have been more clear about the actual implementation. As an aside here is a link to Mike Bostock's example http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/7608400 . I believe he also has the equivalent of an origin and destination file but shows any point has every other point as a desination.


              I am now going to have a look into the Tableau radial selection tool to see if that is a way forward. I really just want to hover over a point feature, for example business location and drag the radial selection tool out interactively and select all the points, for example customers on the map. Thinking dual axis will come into play.


              Thanks again.