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    Percentile calculation hides values in line chart

    Nir Tzavchon



      I'm fairly new to tableau and I'm using the online version.

      I created a report using a line chart displaying incremental changes over the last 30 days for verticals. I added a filter by using the metric with a Table (down) computing to display only pareto verticals.

      I had two problems with the report so far:


      1. Due to using Table (down) computing, the calculation was done for each date.

      This caused some values from the lower verticals to be hidden from the beginning of their graph since they did meet pareto rule.

      My intention was to perform the calculation only for the last date of the report.

      Here is an example:



      2. The second issue is I'm trying to create a similar report using 2 rows before the metric: Parent_id and Sub_parent_id.

      Currently the pareto calculation is done for the whole table.

      Is it possible to reiterate the calculation with each parent_id?


      Thank you!