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    Connector for Mondrian

    Peter Tegelaar



      I am currently in the process of evaluating Tableau for use with Mondrian OLAP cubes. My question is if there is a connector for this? This thread from 2012 seems to suggest not: Connecting to Pentaho XMLA / OLAP / ODBO / OLE DB If indeed this is not possible, what are the (viable) alternatives? E.g. connecting with the underlying pre-aggregated tables or executing MDX queries, or some other way.


      Many thanks.





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          Alex Hunt

          Hey Peter,


          Right now, there isn't a connector for Mondrian OLAP cubes and Tableau Desktop/Server. If the data source is ODBC 3.0 compliant, you may be able to connect to the cube data source using ODBC drivers. Otherwise, we recommend voicing your support in the Ideas forum, and/or mirroring the Mondrian OLAP cube data sources on a supported data source type.