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    Data tied to specific dates

    Ariel Rosen

      I want to illustrate three different social media measures on one graph over time. I have different dates (Facebook Date, LIDateParse, and Twitter Time) for different measures (FB Total Reach, LinkedInClicks, and Twitter Impressions). I keep weirdly segmenting everything, but I really just want one graph with three different lines plotting the social media impacts at different points in time. I've attached my Tableau workbook.


      Any help is much appreciated!

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          Peter Empey

          I took a look at your workbook and the underlying data. The simplest way to get what you described will be to restructure your data.  Putting all of the dates in one column, the Social Network in an other, and there respective values in a third.  Then when you pull it into Tableau you bring the date to the Columns shelf, the values to the Rows shelf, and the Social Network to Color.  That will give you one chart with all three networks and there impacts.

          I have attached a workbook where I have structured the data this way so you can take a look at it.


          Be careful, because of the different magnitudes of the data some of it may be hard to see when it is all on one chart.


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            Shinichiro Murakami



            I looked through your data and FB has oldest and newest date, then I used FB date as "Master" date.


            You can start duplicating datasource x 2.

            And link the date of LI and TW to FB(FB as master).



            Final view looks like below.





            duplicate data source x2


            Edit relationships for each copied datasource  respectively


            Remove all existing relationships and only link with "date"




            go back to primary datasource and put FB total reach

            then from 2nd (LI) put Linked in clicks

            then from 3rd one (TW) put Twitter Impressions





            9.2 attached.

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              Ariel Rosen

              Amazing. Got it. Thank you so much!

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                Shinichiro Murakami

                You are very welcome.




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                  Yuriy Fal

                  Hi all,


                  It is by luck that the [FaceBook Date] field

                  has min & max date values for the datasource.

                  If it's not, then a special "Scaffold" datasource

                  is needed to blend data into.


                  My other concern is about String-to-Date transformation

                  calculations in Tableau, such as DATE() or DATEPARSE().

                  Their results depend on a user computer locale (regional) settings.


                  As an example below is a screenshot of a view

                  as seen on my Mac OS X 10.10.1 with a Russian locale:




                  Note how LinkedIn data are blended "wrong" --

                  that's because of [LI DatePARSE] calculation

                  to give me NULLs instead of valid dates.


                  I definitely favor Peter's suggestion

                  to re-structure data to a better shape,

                  which is more convenient to analyze.

                  That's why I marked his answer as helpful.


                  Please find the attached wb and a Scaffold DS as well.




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                    Shinichiro Murakami

                    Thank you for following up, Yuriy