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    Tableau Server :: "Run As" another user

    Joseph Bertram

      Hi everyone,


      I have row-level security setup in certain Tableau Server extracts to prevent people from seeing certain rows in a specific data set. 


      From, Desktop we can test out permissions using the "Filter as User" feature, however, from time-to-time, we use also tabcmd to download and then email out reports to specific users in an automated fashion


      Is there a way get the "Filter as User" via tabcmd?





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          I just want to clarify exactly what is being asked, are you looking for a native tabcmd that could be used to test permission sets prior to the automated email being sent out?




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            Joseph Bertram

            Not just permissions but also all other security settings like any sort of row level security (RLS). 


            For example, permissions just checks whether or not a report is allowed to be executed by a user.  But even if a user has access to a report, it doesn't mean that they can see all the data in the underlying data set. 


            I am looking for a feature that checks at least the RLS  at the minimum.  I really don't care much about report permissions as I will probably maintain that manually in my tabcmd meta data, however, I won't have something that controls the data level security since Tableau runs that server side.  So it has to be a server side API.