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    Calculating Turnover for different Functions, but keep the 'Month/Year' axis constant


      Hi all,


      I am trying to create a Turnover dashboard which will allow the user to filter the dashboard by 'Function ->Divisions -> and Teams'. While I have been able to build a dashboard showing the Annual Turnover, when I filter it either by Func/Div/Team, it shows only the months where a termination or a hiring has happened.This messes up my 'Annual Turnover' calculation as I use this formula (sum of leavers in the current month + last months/ Avg headcount of the org for the above months). When a few months disappear, my denominator gets affected and this in turn affects the Annul Turnover. Is there a way to keep the 'Month/Year' axis constant and have '0' against it when there has been no hire or term? So that my Annual Turnover is not affected when I add filters.