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    Struggling to visualise Top N within a category

    Agata Podvorska

      Hi all,


      I am (still) working on my first viz, and I struggling to visualise one point properly, namely the I don't seem to be able to  find a top N within a category.


      My viz (attached) is about political positions within the EU national parliaments. In my data source I have the following data: country/ political party/ # of seats in the parliament/ political position.

      What I am trying to visualise is a predominant political position within the national parliaments and show it in the filled map (so different colour per each political position, eg. if centre-right parties are predominant in a national parliament that country is coloured blue etc). First I tried to assign MAX to political position, and when that didn't work I had a look at this community forum and tried to create a calculated field, but somehow I still find it wrong.


      Any advice would be appreciated!


      Thank you in advance!