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    How to Update the filter to default value based on other filter selection

    paul chris

      Hi everyone,

      I have a two filters in my dashboard(Contains only one worksheet) in the filter-1 contains values are 1.Delivery Truck       2.Express Air          3.Regular Air

        filter-2 contains values are 1.High 2.Low                                                                

      "Delivery Truck "  contains only "High" values

      "Express Air" contains only "Low values"

      "Regular Air" contains "High and Low values".


      But try setting the drop-down quick filter-2 option to “Low” and then select  "Regular Air" .  Notice above “Low” never occurs with "Delivery Truck " . And the drop-down filter shows “(Low)”—it’s in parentheses to let you know that the filter value isn’t relevant.


      Can we get the quick filter to default to a certain value based on the Delivery Truck  selected?