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    Dynamic counting and summing across dates

    Sho Fujiwara



      I have a dataset of orders broken down by Member and Date.


      Here's a view of the data I created in Tableau, with the values indicating the Order Value (I don't really care about the actual number here, just that an order was placed).


      For each Date value, I want to calculate the frequency of member orders over the four week period starting from the Date. The frequency of member orders would be calculated by something like count(Orders)/countd(Member) over the following four week span.


      So for example, for 1/1/16, countd(Member) = 4, and count(Orders) = 15, which is the number of distinct member and orders between 1/1/16 and 1/22/16.


      What I'm struggling with is creating a formula that will calculate the count(Orders)/countd(Member) over different 4 week spans for each Date.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.