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    Integrating User Input with Tableau visualization

    Rishi Ghosh

      Hi All!


      We are preparing a dashboard using Tableau. Currently we are using static excel sheet for the dashboard - that is, the data is already available in the excel sheet for preparing the dashboard. Going forward, once the dashboard is prepared, we would like the users to input the data through website periodically (like once in a week). The dashboard needs to refresh the data once a week (say every Monday morning).

      So, wanted to know what are the options of capturing the data through website (may be HTML form or google form or anything else) and how can we integrated this input to enable refreshing the data on a weekly basis.


      Many Thanks,


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          Chris McClellan

          You've got a few options ...


          - the HTML form can write to a database, and Tableau reads from there (directly or via TDE). In Tableau Server you can schedule the TDE refresh to be daily/weekly/etc..


          - Using Google Forms you can write to a Google Sheet and then Tableau can read that as well (I haven't done this, but there's plenty of chatter about it)


          - use an ETL tool like Alteryx to load the Excel data into a database and Tableau reads the data from there.

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