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    How to create a Scatter Plot based on same calculation but different dimensions


      Hi all,


      I am fairly new to Tableau and still learning the software. I have the following scenario that I am trying to display on a scatter plot, but having difficulty returning a desired result.



      I have created a calculated field that computes 3 Year % Change:

      (SUM([FY2015]) / ((SUM([FY2014])+SUM([FY2013])+SUM([FY2012]))/3))-1

      I want to display a scatter plot using the above formula but for two separate sectors:


      Y-axis: 3YR %Change in Sector A funding

      X-axis: 3YR %Change in Sector B funding


      For the data values, I will be using Departments.


      Desired Result:

      I want to scatter plot Departments to show their 3YR % change in Sector A funding relative to Sector B. For example, in Department 1, the 3YR %Change is 2% in Sector A and -5% in Sector B, and plot all of the departments to show this kind of results.




      I am not sure how to code it in properly. I have tried creating other calculated fields to make the calculation relative only to Sector A or B, but when I put Departments into scatter plot, the result is zero. But what I put a Sectors dimension in, I get values for Sector A and Sector B.


      Thank you!