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    Active Directory group still times out during search but tabcmd is the workaround

    Toby Erkson

      It appears that this issue still isn't fixed in 9.2.4:



      I had a request by a Project Leader to add 14 AD groups to his Project.  When I went to add them the import either went on forever...

      ...or, after repeated attempts, told me that it doesn't exist...

      ...even if it already exists in the Groups listing...


      It does exist and I originally verified so using

      I always do this to insure the AD group doesn't contain thousands of members (like the whole company).


      The workaround:  I was able to QUICKLY and easily add the necessary AD groups using tabcmd syncgroup.

      Example:  tabcmd syncgroup "MyCompany_FinOps-Users" --role Interactor