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    Unzip and Zip Changes Size Of Packaged Workbook

    John Bartlett

      I'm looking at utilising (well subverting) this methodology to automate refreshes: http://sirrobflint.blog.com/automate-tableau-twbx-files-for-reader/


      But what I'm planning on doing is:


      Prep: unzip twbx and set up with folders etc in right place.


      Recurring: Use tabcmd to extract and replace the tde files


      Zip back to a twbx




      I thought I'd check that the unzip and zip first as it should be the easiest step. The issue is at zip back.  For now I'm just unzipping and zipping the existing twbx and the zipping it back to a twbx with cli and trying to open it.


      Before I unzip it it's 62KB, after I change the suffix to .zip it's 62KB, after I unzip it and then zip it (using 7zip: 7z a -tzip ETL_Dashboard.twbx ETL_Dashboard\*) it's 55KB and it won't open.


      "An unexpected error occurred opening the packaged workbook."


      Anyone have any ideas?