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    Hierarchy with multiple Measurements

    Eleonor Hellblom


      my client has a very inconvenient Data Set tracking different posts found online and identifies different topics. These topics are 'flags' so if it contains that topic it gives it a 1 else a 0. There are multiple different topics which creates a data set with over 1700 columns (and 100.000 rows)!

      The request from the client was to create a hierarchy of this, so you could drill down; Topic 1 - Topic 1.1/Topic 1.2/Topic 1.3 - Topic 1.1.1 etc.

      However - one post/row can contain multiple topics so one row has several 'flags' and it need to count it for each Topic. The solution I know will just count one of the topics, as in assign the first topic available to that row/post.


      I have attached a Dummy Data set of how it looks like. I have tried to duplicate it but only with 30 columns.

      I have recommended the client that this is not a good data structure and that it would need some work but they are a bit hesitant and I am myself curious if there is a way to solve this.


      I hope I explained it well enough


      Thank you all in advance,