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    Mapping question

    Angie Tarbet

      Happy Friday.


      Does anyone have suggestions for this mapping issue?


      I have the map filled with color by county for a specific region. My other two fields that I want plotted on the map as dots are lat and long; each has its own field (one lat and one long) generated through our internal data of the locations (not the Tableau lats and longs). When I drop these other two fields on the second map (dual axis) all of the regions that I am not filling (do not need to display with color) turn to black on the map, making it not useful. Any thoughts, sugestions are appreciated. Angie

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          Nathan Panuco

          Hi Angie!


          Do you have a workbook that we could take a look at? It's hard to troubleshoot issues like this without a visual reference. Even screenshots would help so we could see what's on the shelves and what filters are on the data.



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