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    Quick Filter Default All

    Jason Fishbein

      I am using a parameter to dynamically populate quick filter values by way of a calculated field. The issue is that when I change the parameter, the previously selected quick filter values remain although the quick filer options have dynamically changed. This causes the user to need to touch the quick filter in order to see any data. Is there a way to keep the parameter/dynamic filter functionality and have the quick filter default to "all" when the parameter is changed? Thanks.

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          Hi Jason Fishbein,


          I think I got what you want. Could you please provide me with your workbook so I can send it back to you with the solution and caption?

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            Jason Fishbein

            I am not able to send the workbook I am currently using. Basically create a calculated field which displays a different field set of values for each parameter option. Then filter based on that calculated field.



            Calculated Field:

            CASE p_paramer

            WHEN "Option 1" THEN [Field 1]

            WHEN "Option 2" THEN [Field 2]


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              Joe Oppelt

              Jason -- I want to recommend that you provide a sample workbook -- even if you just hack up something using excel and bogus sheets -- so that the person who wants to help you is working on the same page as you are.

              I've seen it too often.  A guy does a bunch of work to help someone out, and the assumptions he worked with were not what the original person had in mind.


              Maybe Lénaïc will nail your expectations, but maybe not.  He's ready to help you, but you need to help him help you.

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                Jason Fishbein

                Please see sample attached.


                Parameter = p_Location

                Filter = Location Selection


                When "State" is selected for the parameter, the user selects "Alabama" for the filter. When the user changes the parameter to "City" there are no values displayed. This is because the filter value retains "Alabama" and there is no match for "Alabama" in [City].


                The ideal would be for the change of the parameter to trigger (All) to be selected in the filter.