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    Embedding viz into wordpress.org

    Jessica Yeung


      I have been trying to embed a viz into my wordpress website. I followed the suggestions in this discussion (Embed Code for Wordpress.com does not work) and installed the plug so finally able to embed. But unfortunately I can't seem to get rid of the Tableau public website header and footer. I cam across this tableau post (How to Fix Your iFrame | Tableau Public ) but it appears the plugin code has been updated for this aspect and still doesn't work for me.


      This is the code inserted into wordpress using the plugin:


      [tableau server="public.tableausoftware.com" workbook="Test_1371" view="Lifeisfinite_dashboard" tabs="no" embed="yes" toolbar="no" revert="" refresh="yes" linktarget="" width="800px" height="600px"][/tableau]


      Any suggestions?