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    Action Filter works differently between single and multiple dashboards

    Derrick Li

      Hi Gurus,


      I have a question comes from my work. And I want to throw it out to see if someone can come up a better solution of this.

      In the attached sample, I have three sheets in the dashboard. In sheet1 we have summary data, and sheet3 is the detail.


      Sheet2 is showing the trend of the profits of Sheet 1. So if I click on 1 and the data will filter on 2 and 3.

      And on sheet2 I have the category as color code.


      what I want to have is I want to click on sheet1 and keep the filter on, and then click on sheet 2, the result showing on 3 should be the combination filter of 1 and 2. But it seems whenever I click on any point of sheet2, the filter of sheet on will be reset. If notice that, in sheet2 I put only category dimension in there but the segment. I actually want sheet2 can filter sheet3 based on category, segment, and time.

      But without showing the detail of segment (showing segment detail will make more lines in sheet2, which is not looked good. that’s why I didn’t put it here.)

      But since I am trying to cascade the filter from sheet1 to sheet2 to sheet3, is there any way to keep the filter of sheet1 while I am filtering with sheet 2 since sheet2 doesn’t have segment detail, I need to use the segment information in sheet1 to apply on to sheet3 first then apply the time and category information top sheet3, so that will be like when I click on sheet2 on category, segment(from sheet1), and time will be passing. I tried to set the action filter with keep the filter but it still reset, is there any way to solve this? By either make the combination filter happen or to hide the extra lines if I put segment dimension into sheet 2, in order to make all category, segment, and time dimensions pass through sheets without showing messy lines layout in sheet2?


      The solution I came up is use the action filter which generated from sheet1 in sheet2 as a data source filter or just apply it back to sheet1, so that if I click on sheet 1 first it will apply the segment and category combination in sheet3, then if I keep clicking on sheet2, it will pass the timestamp based on the filter before, then that's the result I want. But, there is a backdraw here which is my client doesn't like the way that sheet1 is showing when I click on it and trying to filter it with sheet3, it will have only 1 single value showing while filtered, he wants to see other values as well in sheet1, and also pass the segment and category combination filter to sheet3. I am not sure if there is a better idea, any advice will be appreciated. Thanks~!


      (One question is if I put sheet3 in the same dashboard with others,  it will work fine without applying filter from sheet2 to sheet1, but if it is on another dashboard, it will be messed up with the filtering until I apply the filter back  to sheet1. I am not very sure what is happening with that. Please enlighten me if you know) Thanks Again.

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Derick,


          Something like this?

          Please find the attached wb

          w/actions on Dashboard 7.


          Hope it helps.





          PS   (Filter) Actions could be configured manually --

          with separate dimensions for each interaction.

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            Derrick Li

            Hi Yuri,


            Thank you so much for replying. And I think it works perfectly to my issue, and your explanation make my eyes open to the action filters working logics. I was able to solve the problem with another way, but your way is simpler and robust.


            My way is by putting the segment + category hierarchy dimension in to the detail of sheet2, and make a parameter filter with on and off options, then use calculation field to link it with two combinations of the setup, category +category or category +segments. so the first one will be same as using only category which is showing 3 lines, the second one will be showing 9 lines. I expand the hierarchy on detail card, and roll up them on parameter quick filter, which makes it contains the detail but without showing on the graph. I think it works is because tableau treat the parameter filter effects as only showing and still applying the extract dimension back there in case of the 'on'  option is triggered.