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    How to filter after using Table Caculations

    Corey Casarella

      Background - The problem I am running into is analogous to building a budget. Imagine I want to buy some sports equipment. The functionality we have in the dashboard is:

      • Segment items based on the allowance I get (Worst case scenario is I get $75, most likely is $100, best is $140). Now I can tell what items I can buy based on my budget scenarios.
      • Be able to dynamically adjust the budget scenarios.
      • Be able to prioritize particular sports using parameters. I can then decide whether I want to look at my budget based on "votes" or by "sports" priority


      Issue – In a separate graph, we are interested showing the count of items by sport that fall in the below budget or at budget category. However, because we are using table calculations, we are unable to reference the budget categories. As a result, it shows the count of all items regardless of where they fall in the budget.


      Is there any solution to get around this? Unfortunately, we need all the above pieces of functionality within the tool itself rather than on the back-end. The attached workbook should provide more context. I appreciate the help!