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    Customizing Subscriptions

    Ashwin Chandak

      Hi guys,


      I have published a dashboard on the Tableau server and have set it up for a daily subscription.


      Everyday, I get an image/snapshot of my dashboard.


      I am trying to modify the email so that I can append some footer text and links underneath the image.


      Is there a way I can customize or edit the subscriptions on Tableau and/or on Outlook rules so that I can get the desired email?


      Kindly let me know. Thanks!




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          Alex Hunt

          Hey Ashwin!


          You can definitely add footer text and links to appear underneath the dashboard snapshot in subscription emails. Here are the steps:


          1. Log into Tableau Server and access the site from which the email subscriptions are being sent.
          2. Navigate to the Settings tab.
          3. On this tab, there is a setting for Subscriptions that allows an admin to create and edit a custom email footer.
          4. Save changes.


          Hope that helps!

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