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    API, cleared Marks markEventListener

    Robert Yu


      I am using one dashboard to control another dashboard through the tableau API.


      On the first (controlling) dashboard I am using viz.addEventListener(tableau.TableauEventName.MARKS_SELECTION) and marksEvent.getMarksAsync()

      I then use sheet.selectMarkAsync to select the same marks on the second (controlled) dashboard.



      This works fine. However, when I clear the mark selection from the controlling dashboard the controlled dashboard remains highlighting the selected marks. Is there a way to also clear the mark selection in the controlled dashboard when I clear the mark selection on the controlling dashboard?

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          Bill Lyons

          According to the Javascript API reference, the MarksEvent is "Raised when marks are selected or deselected." Perhaps you need to use clearSelectedMarksAsync() to clear the selection?


          I hope this question does not offend, but I am curious why you are controlling one dashboard with another? Why not have both sheets in the same dashboard and use the built-in Actions for them to interact? Is there a reason they need to be separate dashboards?