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    Displaying Measures without Aggregating

    Sbusiso Mntungwa

      Good day,

      Does anyone know how to display a measure without aggregating it in Tableau? For example I'm displaying running totals of Assets Under Management [AUM] for each quarter in a year. As this is already aggregated per quarter in the data source it would not make sense to sum it up, however if I put it in Tableau in a text table, it gets summed up. I've tried using the {exclude [QUARTER] : MAX([AUM])} function but this only works assuming that the AUM will increase per quarter, whereas this is not the case. When the AUM decreases from quarter to quarter, I still get the MAX(AUM) for the selection, which is incorrect. So what I'm trying to do is to get the AUM for the Quarter Selected without actually including the quarter in my display i.e. if Quarter 2 is selected, I want the actual value of AUM under Quarter 2 to be displayed.