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    Balance: Use previous period and drill down

    Matthijs Blenkers

      Hi Everybody,


      I'm new to Tableau. Our organisation is considering using tableau as a visualisation tool. At the moment we are running a proof of concept. Up untill now I could find almost every answer to my questions using google, tableau or youtube. Up untill now (I might be using the wrong searchstrings?)...... Perhaps you can help me.


      I have a dataset wich contains a balance. Each month contains a summerized balance of the total objects in our portfolio. So for example

      Period          Balance

      Jan 2015     1.000.000

      Feb 2015     1.200.000

      Mar2015      1.105.000



      My wish is to create a barchart where each year shows the value/measure is the last value in the aggregation/hierarchie. The answer is using the LAST() function as a filter (check).

      BUT we also have the wish that the end-user can use the downdrill.

      2014 shows balance december 2014

      2015 shows balance december 2015

      2016 shows balance january 2016


      Downdrill to quarter

      2015 Q1 shows balance march 2015

      2015 Q2 shows balance june 2015

      (The next downdrill is 'the end' of the hierarchie and shows the balance of that month.)


      And that's where I'm stuck.

      When using cubes i can define a calculated member like 'DEFINE Member '[CUBE].[Measures].[NAME]' AS 'iif(isleaf([DIMENSION].[HIERARCHIE].CurrentMember),[Measures].[Measure],([DIMENSION].[HIERARCHIE].LastChild, [Measures].[Measure]))'

      I still have no idea on how to achieve this function in Tableau. Is it even possible?


      Thanks for your response.