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    Exclude sheet from certain quickfilter

    Ilham Heryantama

      Hi guys,


      I am a relatively new Tableau user. I have condition where I wanted to filter 2 worksheets in a dashboard with 2 quickfilters, but excluding one of the sheet with certain condition. The condition was as follows:

      • The bar chart can only show data from one month only, eventhough the quickfilter was multi value (ex: selected multi value November-December, it shows only the latter month)
      • The bar chart shows the latter month from the month quickfilter
      • The bar chart still can be affected by the Area Classification quickfilter
      • The sheet below the bar chart will follows according to the quickfilter


      Here is the screenshot of what I'd expect from the condition above


      Is there a way that I can do this? I've also attached the workbook below