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    Do you want to know what's built-in to the Tableau Geocoding database?

    Kent Marten

      Hello everyone.


      My name is Kent and I am the Product Manager for Maps at Tableau. I've been looking through data on forum posts and technical support calls and I had an idea (I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this).


      Right now Tableau provides information about the source of our data (About Tableau Maps | Tableau Software ), and high-level information on what is supported by geographic role (http://kb.tableau.com/articles/knowledgebase/mapping-basics), but what's missing is the specific list of geographic entities supported by role or region.


      Question: Would you find it helpful if Tableau created a resource page where you could see every single entity that you could geocode by region or country?  For example.  What if you could go to a website and download the Tableau workbook for "Geocoding in France" and see all of the geographic entities supported for that country?


      Purpose: One of the reasons why we want to do this is so that people can understand why something in their dataset might not geocode in Tableau and the resource might help inform the user how they might need to update their geographic data.


      Action: Please respond if you think this is a good idea. Also, please share your ideas on what would be the most helpful resources for you to succeed when working with maps.


      Thanks, Kent

      Product Manager, Maps

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