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    One to many relationship

    Kim Mowrey

      hi all!


      I'm relatively new to this Tableau thing.  My company is using mySQL for our data source.  The database has 3 tables.


      Table 1:

      LoanID     ClientID     Approved     Verified     Funded

      Table 2:

      LoanID     DocumentType     DocumentDate

      Table 3:

      LoanID     DenialReason


      The problem being that Table 2 and Table 3 are both one to many.  Meaning LoanID 1 could have three documents and 4 denial reasons. I'd like to join all three of these tables but haven't found a way to do it where I don't duplicate approvals, verfieds and fundings.


      Can anyone help?  I can create some basic excel documents if you think that would help as well.

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          Hi Kim,

          If you can create basic Excel sheets that mimic your data and build those into a packaged Tableau workbook, that would probably help the community to solve your issue.  Packaged workbooks or data samples always help get a question answered faster (I learned that the hard way).