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    Data blending not working when using Percent Diff. from secondary source

    Marcela Velez

      Hi All,


      I have 2 data sources, one that has classes/programs information and another one that has the contracts total information. The relationship between them is done through Term and Class Nbr.


      When I try to add the contract total by portfolio/term it works ok. However, when I try to add a secondary measure that shows the percentage difference between the terms it doesn't work. The totals get all added up and the percentage is 0.


      This is how it looks like without the table calculation


      When I add the Percentage of difference, this is what happens:

      I don't understand why it stops using the Description (Fall 2014/ Fall 2015) to aggregate the data and instead puts everything together.


      I'm attaching a test workbook in case it helps.