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    How can I connect to the load time data for a dashboard?

    Mike Moss

      I'm looking to create a dashboard - very similar to the server status viz called "stats for load times", but looking at a specific dashboard and slightly better presented with some parameters for whether we accept or reject dashboard load times.


      The one on server is obviously a live connection, but you can't download it and see where it connects to. I'm aware there might be a postgreSQL database for tableau server, is that right, and if so is that where this is stored? Any pointers on this would be great, as I'd like to be able to implement better oversight of dashboard performance (although I realise some of this is coming in 9.3).





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          Tyler Garrett

          Connecting to the Tableau Server Database

          This will get you started! I know this is a short response but the online help is written by people who can explain it WAY WAY WAY better than I can. But if you're hung up in anything along the way, be sure to let us know. Personally I've set it up 50+ times and always always WAYs use the online help. EX: I opened 5 support cases in 2 weeks and they even changed a little bit of some of the online help because of it. Added some cool "NOTE: Read this" type stuff, which I always advise to read it fully because again, they wrote it very well. I have a bad habit of skimming around and have been learning that isn't great hehe. SO back to the online help, be sure to read all of it and you will be smooth sailing sir.


          Let us know how your vizy turns out, there is an entire community around THAT.