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    Maleeha Matin

      Hello everyone! Does anyone happen to know the source of information for 2015 population data layer found in the "map options" on Tableau 9.0? I had looked up their sources in "tableau map data" but checking the US Census link available, there was no sign of 2015 census anywhere. Does this mean the values have been projected from 2010 census? I need to know the exact information to cite in my research work.




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          Maleeha Matin

          Would you know of a link that designates US cities based on whether they are rural or urban? I did find links that go county-wise but needed a city-wise distinction.



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          reply from Shawn Wallwork in Forums - View the full discussionNOTE: I have no idea what census dataset Sean Boon and his mapping team are using for this layer. He'll probably join in soon. However... The US Census has been slowly changing over from collecting data every 10 years, to collecting data on a rolling five-year basis. It is called the American Community Survey. It doesn't have all the 10-year categories, but it does include a lot of them. You can find out a lot more about the collection process and how the sampling works here: Data Releases  --Shawn

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            Sean Boon



            The demographic data that we use is from Nielsen.   We do have a reference to it here: 




            Let me know if that helps or if there is additional info you need.