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    Calculated field for fiscal year filter

    Larsen Rennie



      we have a dimension called fiscal quarter. I want to display the data for the latest 4 quarter . That i have done using the edit filter option and selecting the top 4 by fiscal quarter by maximum. That is working fine for me


      But the user wants that in the Fiscal quarter filter it should only display the latest 4 quarter not the other quarters. I am trying to write a calculated field for that but not able to accomplish it


      i tried by selcting only relevant values but still it is not working . Because in year i have already selected 2015 and 2016 both and in quarter filte er drop down it should show 2015q2 , 2015q3,2015q4, 2016q1


      Like that it should show in the filter drop down but its not showing . we are not using any date in our data . We only have fiscal quarter, fiscal month, Fiscal Year and all are string