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    Tabcmd refreshExtracts errorCode 7

    Kika K



      I'm trying to refresh extracts trough cmd, before exporting them. I save the name of workbook in a variable that is being forwarded to both commands (tabcmd export and tabcmd refreshextracts), and export works fine, but refreshextracts fails with "Item not found, errorCode 7".


      Before executing the command for refreshing extracts, I log in successfully, so this is not a problem. Workbook is published in the default folder, so this shouldn't be a problem either.

      My commands are:




      tabcmd refreshextracts --workbook "workbookname"

        *** Item not found

      Workbook "workbookname" could not be found. (errorCode=7)


      export(that works fine):

      tabcmd export "workbookname" --fullpdf --pagelayout landscape --pagesize letter --width 800 --height 600 -f filepath


      I've read all the posts i could find, i checked everything written(server and tabcmd versions are the same, workbook is published in default folder, i tried with --url,--datasource and --workbook...) but nothing works. I don't understand how it finds the workbook when exporting it, and can't find it when refreshingextracts. Any help would be appreciated