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    Publising a DataSource to a different Tableau Server

    Abhay Ranjan

      Hi Folks,


      Current we are on Tableau Server 9.1.0 and I need to test the behavior of  tableau  data-source on a new tableau server (9.2.3)  which is hosted on a different machine for the purpose of testing. I open tableau desktop->Connect to Tableau Server-->connect to tableau datasource-->Create an extract out of it-->Go to the server menu and sign-out from there. I then need to sign-in to the new server and publish this extract as a datasource. However when I click on the sign-in option I still see the old tableau connection which is in a non-editable form.


      Would you know if I am missing something or is there a way to remove the connection parameter(from the packaged workbook) so that I can publish the extract to a different server.


      Thanks ,