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    Sum of Grand Totals Percentages/Products

    Eric Horio



      I'm hoping someone can help me on this one.  How do I break down each of the product types into a grand total ( essentially quarter to date ) for "quantity" and "subscription %"? So at the end I would like to see  "Quarter To Date" columns for both "Quantity" and "Subscription %" to include "Production","Wild","Threat","URL", and "Global P" for each column.   The dates/data on this workbook will change, as I need to report on each week in the quarter.


      Also, it looks like since some of rows are blank, it needs to populate the NULLs ( blanks ) as a "0", so the sum and % calculations can work. I don't believe NULL will calculate, correct me if I'm wrong.


      P.S. Pooja G - you had helped me with this original template....thanks for all your help!!!