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    Aggregation Issue (Part II)

    Harnish Patel

      Hello all,


      Some time ago I was having an issue with my data due to the level of fidelity it was being joined on. I've since gotten a solution for it which can be seen in my attached work book's calculated field.


      I have an incremental ask to this issue now.


      Now, I am able to aggregate properly by pay period but When I try to sum up the year, it is aggregating only the values that are there instead of by the cost center.


      Example attached. When you remove the Pay Period pill, each value on the stage should be the same as long as it's in the same cost center, regardless of the pay type or job class.


      QA: The sum of A Cost Center 6000 should be the ball park of 8563.


      Thank you!

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          Shinichiro Murakami

          No, as long as your LOD calc include [Pay period], it contemplate it in calculation.


          {fixed [Facility], [Cost Center], [Pay Period]: MAX([2014 App WLU])}


          You can see each cost center has different pay period, then Max of [2014 App WLU] is different from Cost center.

          If you need Max across period, you can remove [Pay Period] from the LOD.


          But I still don't understand where your comment come from  QA: The sum of A Cost Center 6000 should be the ball park of 8563.



          Instead, if you filter [Pay period], you can get same number for same cost center.





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