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    Solutions for small "slices" of stacked bar charts where cannot see label

    kevin knorpp

      Hello again, community


      After several searches was unable to find a solution to or even question about the below, which is hopefully because this is a dumb question with an obvious answer which is why no one else has asked


      I have several stacked bar charts where the size of some parts of the bar is too small to display a label, for example if one color of the stacked bar represents < 1% of the overall total of the bar.


      A partial solution I am using is to "Allow labels to overlap other marks", which works well because it alows the label to be bigger than the "slice", but when there are multiple small parts together the numbers...erm...overlap


      So is there some way for small "slices" to be labeled in a readable way?  The intuitive solution seems to be to draw a line from each small slice to it's non-overlapping label out to the side like many apps do for pie charts.


      Is this or some other solution possible in Tableau?  Tooltips are not an option because visuals will be static.


      Many thanks in advance