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    Why the Safari browser don't show nothing of the shared content?

    Iván Arroyave

      I built a website that use a shared content. It's work fine in Internet explorer 5, 8, ... and edge; but the problem appear when I use an ipad with Safari browser. I can't see the content, the safari browser don't shows nothing.


      This is an example of the code shared that I took of a "tableau" siteweb:




      <script type='text/javascript' src='http://blablablabla.js'></script>

      <div class='tableauPlaceholder' style='width: 1244px; height: 756px;'>

      <object class='blablablabla' width='1244' height='756' style='display:none;'>

      <param name='host_url' value='http%3blablablabla' />

      <param name='site_root' value='blablablabla;blablablabla' />

      <param name='name' value='blablablabla;blablablabla' />

      <param name='tabs' value='no' />

      <param name='toolbar' value='yes' />

      <param name='showShareOptions' value='true' />

      <param name='display_count' value='no' />




      Thanks in advance.