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    Receiving error(s) when downloading Underlying data

    Beang Tong

      Please help! I have been noticing when I tried to download the Underlying data from the following workbook that was published in Tableau Public and was (and our Users) getting some weird error messages from Tableau Public:

      1st,  I received "502 Bad Gateway"

      2nd,  I received "Tableau Public encountered an error while working with this worksheet"

      3rd,  I received "Gateway timeout: The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server.  Reference #1.433f19b8.1455626197.8d39552d"


      Here is the workbook in the following:

      Workbook: MAS Performance_through FY15

      We need to find a solution for the user(s) to download the Underlying data from Tableau Public. Due to compatibility, User(s) couldn't download the workbook package using the Reader.

      Any advice User(s) could get around to get the underlying data?


      Thank you in advance!