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    Struggling with SUM feature

    Jay Wehler

      I am only a few months into Tableau and feel like an idiot not being able to figure this out:


      Data:  Combining employee timesheet data from 2 different databases.  Basically my data looks like this:

      Employee CodeDepartment CodeSBUHours Goal Quarterly Hours GoalHours WorkedDate






      I am combining a database that houses the employee's annual hours goal with another that contains the employee's timesheet data.  Many, many rows of timesheet data per employee.


      What I am trying to do:  I am creating reports that compare the hours goal to hours worked by employee, by department, by SBU on a QUARTERLY basis.


      I filter my data by my dates needed.  All good there.  I created a Quarterly Hours Goal field that takes HOURS GOAL *.25.  All good there.  My problem is when I try and sum the number of Quarterly Hours.  I really want to to only sum the first instance per Employee Code since this data is repeating.  So for SBU 1000 my SUM of Quarterly Hours Goal for should be 750 (450 +300) and SBU 2000 should be 900 (450 +450) but of course Tableau doesn't know what I want and is returning 1,950 and 1,350 and I don't know to solve it.


      I am not sure how to tackle this.

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