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    Multiple filters using same dimension




      I'm working on a dashboard with several sections (sales for brand 1, sales for brand 2), where i need to be able to filter on the same parameter in the different sections.


      Section 1 (sales brand 1): filter on "target group -> young "

      Section 2 (sales brand 2): filter on "target group -> old + young"



      I only want the filters to apply to the relative section, so i have choosen the relevant sheets under the filters "apply to worksheets -> selected filters"


      My problem is when i add the sheets to the Dashboard, the filter only shows up once (when adding the first element) even though the data in the different sections are filtered differently.


      I expected that the filter would appear multiple times, since it is not applyed across all the sheets.


      Am i doing something wrong? is there any way to do this?


      Hope this makes sense...


      Thank you in advance



      Jesper S.