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    Help with formula

    tableau gstl

      Hi All,


      Need help on the following scenario

      concatenation/combined field of Base,Base1 and Func A from sheet1 datasource and lookup with fields

      Cat2 and Cen from Sheet2 datasource should give me a column Cat1


      In excel we use vlookup function how can we achieve this in tableau may be using datablending however not sure how to achieve this


      Can someone please help me on this


      Thanks in advance

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          Tyler Garrett

          Good morning,


          Regrettably you don't have enough here to build a "blend" relationship between the two data sources, but I'm probably missing something. Even in excel you will need a logical condition to meet, which below I'm not able to make any assumptions on what that is. What are we missing below?

          The concatenation syntax below may help?



          Tyler Garrett

          VP of Solutions & Strategy

          TableauHelp.com LLC in Austin, TX

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            I agree with Tyler - there's not enough here to even create a lookup in Excel, unless Base or Base1 means something that relates to Cat2 or Cen.  Can you provide more information, or tell us what you are connecting on in Excel?



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