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    Adding Same Measure two times in measure values

    savinay sehgal



      Is there any way to add same measure Sales twice in the measure values, one to calculate percent of total and other normal measure. For ex in the attached workbook I have Sum(Sales); I want one Sum(Sales) to do quick table calculation and other Sum(Sales) to just give me sum of sales (side by side)




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          Tableau kumar

          drag the Measure field on to work area then add the table calculation then drag the same filed on to work area, now we can see both normal field as well as table calculation field.




          1) Drag the [Region] on to row shelf then drag the [Sales] on to  text mark shelf.

          2) Right click on [Sales] on the work area then click on "Add Quick Tabler Calculation".

          3) Drag the [Sales] from measures window to text marks shelf.

          4) Go to Show Me" it is located on right top corner. then select "Text Tables".

          5) Now view has Sales,% of Sales


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