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    How to show two aggregate values in a Donut Chart separated by a "IF" sentence?

    Tianyi Zhou

      Hi, everyone.


      Currently, I have a donut chart separated by a "IF" sentence, which mainly is used to separate the donut chart by two parts with two colors. I marked those two parts as "Achieved" and "Not Achieved".


      I want to see two specific percentage numbers in those two parts. My idea is build up another "IF" sentence based on "Achieved" and "Not Achieved" to show those two percentage numbers.

      However, Tableau does not allow me to put aggregate value into "IF" sentence. Those two percentage numbers are called "Percentage Achieved" and "Percentage to Goal".


      Now my question is: Can I use some ways to combine "Percentage Achieved" and "Percentage to Goal" together with showing them in different color and sizes based on their value?


      The picture shown below is what it looks like right now:


      Currently there is no dimension added because I will use it to separate different time period later. Therefore, I wonder can I use "FIXED" to do that?


      Can anybody give me some ideas on how to solve my problem? Any tips will be appreciated.


      Thank you all in advance.




      Tianyi Zhou