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    Cumulative difference between two groups graphed?

    William Bohn

      Hi there,


      I have a time-series graph of revenue separated by groupings (A & B) using the color mark to differentiate the two lines. I would like to be able to create a graph that shows the difference between the two groups over time so I can then create a graph to show the cumulative difference between groups over time (The groupings are not within the underlying data set - they were created manually through the grouping tool within Tableau and I do not see the field come up when typing in a calculated field). Is this possible to do within Tableau? Sample data is below:


      Month     Grouping     Revenue

      1             A                  100 

      1             B                  150

      2             A                  115

      2             B                  125  

      3             A                  135 

      3             B                  145   


      Thank you in advance!