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    Display Top 5 Positive and Top 5 Negative Survey Responses

    Kevin Jablonski

      I have a survey on employee satisfaction that will be distributed to 14,000 individuals within two weeks.  Once I close the survey (SurveyMonkey), I intend to download the data to Excel, and then bring it into my Tableau account.  There are a handful of demographic questions (ex job type, position, tenure) and satisfaction questions, some of which I expect positive responses (ex good compensation, benefits, work schedule) and others that I expect negative responses (ex teamwork, supervisor's ability, etc).  For a multitude of reasons, I want to embed a Tableau dashboard on our Intranet homepage and allow all employees to view the results (there will be filters to allow employees to view results by demographics).  Rather than list only the highest scoring (weighted toward negative responses) responses, I would like to display the top 5 negative scoring responses and the top 5 positive scoring responses - and this would change based on the filter setting.  I'm using packed bubbles graph.  I'm new at Tableau and would appreciate any guidance creating this graph.  I've dummied up an example on my Public account - (see Kevin Jablonski) -   | Tableau Public